Sun Java System Delegated Administrator 6.4 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo remove users, groups, and Calendar resources from a domain

This procedure permanently removes users, groups, and Calendar resources from a domain. The domain itself remains intact in the LDAP directory. Only the LDAP entries selected for deletion are removed.

  1. Mark the users, groups, and resources as deleted.

    For example, to mark selected entries as deleted in the domain:

    commadmin user delete -D chris -w bolton -d \
    -n -i deletedusers

    commadmin group delete -D chris -w bolton -d \
    -n -i deletedgroups

    commadmin resource delete -D chris -w bolton -d \
    -n -i deletedresources

    In the preceding examples, deletedusers, deletedgroups, and deletedresources are input files listing the entries marked for deletion.

    You also can use the Delegated Administrator console to delete entries:

    1. Navigate to the specified organization.

    2. Click the Users tab (if it is not already displayed), select the users to be deleted, and click Delete.

    3. Click the Groups tab, select the groups to be deleted, and click Delete.

    4. Click the Resources tab, select the resources to be deleted, and click Delete.

  2. Remove resources from the selected users, groups, and calendars in the domain.

    A resource can be a mailbox or a calendar.

    For mail services, run the msuserpurge utility.

    Refer to the Sun Java System Messaging Server Administration Reference for information about the msuserpurge utility.

    For calendar services, run the csclean utility.

    Refer to the Sun Java System Calendar Server Administration Guide for information about the csclean utility.

  3. Permanently remove the selected entries from the domain by invoking the commadmin domain purge command.

    For example, to remove selected users, groups, and resources from the domain:

    commadmin domain purge -D chris -w bolton -d -n

    In the preceding command, the domain remains intact. Only the entries specified in the deletedusers, deletedgroups, and deletedresources input files are removed.