Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide

12.1.1 About Calendar Server 6.3 Commands: start-cal and stop-cal

You can start and stop Calendar Server using the start-cal and stop-cal commands.The start-cal and stop-cal utilities are located in the cal-svr-base/SUNWics5/cal/sbin directory. You must run these utilities on the local machine where Calendar Server is installed.

Note –

Check your scripts to make sure you do not use the old csstart and csstop utilities. Use the start-cal and stop-cal utilities to start and stop Calendar Server.

The start-cal utility starts Calendar Server services in the following order:

  1. watcher — Watcher, the process that monitors the system

  2. enpd— Event Notification Service (ENS)

  3. csstored— Automatic Backup Service

  4. csnotifyd— Notification Service

  5. csadmind— Administration Service

  6. csdwpd— Database Wire Protocol (DWP) service, the distributed database service starts only if you have a remote Calendar Server database configuration

  7. cshttpd— HTTP Service

For a description of these services, see1.10 Services Running As Daemons in Calendar Server Version 6.3