Sun Java System Calendar Server 6.3 Administration Guide

12.4 Monitoring Calendar Server 6.3 Processes

Calendar Server and Messaging Server now use the same stop and start mechanism, as part of the Sun JavaTM Enterprise System Monitoring Framework (JESMF). The start-cal command starts the watcher process first, and then starts all other processes. The watcherprocess is aware of any dependencies the other services have, and in which sequence the services should be started.

Each registered service (process) opens a connection to the Watcher. If a process dies without properly disconnecting, the Watcher automatically restarts it. If the process dies twice in a defined interval, Watcher does not restart it. This timeout interval is configurable.

Watcher writes to a single log, cal-svr-base/data/log/watcher.log , which contains the following information:

For information on how to configure Watcher, seeTo Configure the Watcher Process for Calendar Server Version 6.3