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Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) 3.0 Supplement for Sun Blade T6320 Server Modules

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Understanding ILOM for the Sun Blade T6320 Server Module

ILOM Overview

Chassis Monitoring Module Features

Updating the System Firmware

Resetting the Password to the Factory Default

Managing the Host

Resetting the Host

Managing Host Boot Mode

Viewing and Configuring Host Control Information

Managing Host Diagnostics and POST

Managing System User Interactions

Managing the Service Processor

Storing Customer Information

Changing Service Processor Setting to Factory Defaults

Display Console History (CLI)

Change Console Escape Characters (CLI)

Changing Configuration Policy Settings

Managing Power Usage and Monitoring Power Consumption

Managing Network Access

Managing SSH Server Settings

Monitoring Active System Faults

Managing Devices

Managing Virtual Keyswitch Settings

IPMI Sensor Reference

Sensors on the Sun Blade T6320 Server Module Server

Indicators on the Sun Blade T6320 Server Module

ALOM CMT Compatibility Shell

Limits to Backward Compatibility

Create an ALOM CMT Compatibility Shell

Switch Between the ALOM CMT Shell and the Host Console

Return to the ILOM From the ILOM CMT Shell

ILOM and ALOM CMT Command Comparison

ALOM CMT Variables

ALOM CMT Variable Comparison

Event Messages Available Through the ALOM Compatibility Shell

Event Message Overview

Event Severity Levels

Service Processor Usage Event Messages

Environmental Monitoring Event Messages

Host Monitoring Event Messages

SCC Backup and Restore

Information Stored on the SCC


Sensors on the Sun Blade T6320 Server Module Server

Sensors on the Sun Blade T6320 Server Module
Full Path
3.3V standby voltage threshold sensor
3.3V main voltage threshold sensor
5V standby power.
12V mail voltage threshold sensor
Battery voltage threshold sensor
I/O voltage threshold sensor
Ambient temperature threshold sensor
CPU core voltage threshold sensor
Left branch voltage threshold sensor
Right branch voltage threshold sensor
CPU temperature sensor at the bottom of the chip, in degrees Celsius.
DIMM temperature sensor (in degrees Celsius) defined by CMPn (0-1), branch BRn (0-3), channel CHn (0-1), and DIMM Dn (0-1).
Hard disk drive (0-3) presence sensors