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Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.1 2005Q1 Performance Tuning Guide 


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Chapter 1   Overview of Sun Java System Application Server Performance
Process Overview
Performance Tuning Sequence
Understanding Operational Requirements
Application Architecture
Security Requirements
Hardware Resources
General Tuning Concepts
Capacity Planning
User Expectations
Further Information

Chapter 2   Tuning Your Application
Java Programming Guidelines
Java Server Page and Servlet Tuning
Suggested Coding Practices
EJB Performance Tuning
Monitoring EJB Components
General Guidelines
Using Local and Remote Interfaces
Improving Performance of EJB Transactions
Using Special Techniques
Tuning Tips for Specific Types of EJB Components
JDBC and Database Access
Tuning Message-Driven Beans

Chapter 3   Tuning the Application Server
Deployment Settings
Disabling Auto-deployment
Using Pre-compiled JavaServer Pages
Disabling Dynamic Application Reloading
Logger Settings
General Settings
Log Levels
Web Container
Session Properties: Session Timeout
Manager Properties: Reap Interval
Disabling Dynamic JSP Reloading
EJB Container
Monitoring the EJB Container
Tuning the EJB Container
Java Message Service
Transaction Service
Monitoring the Transaction Service
Tuning the Transaction Service
HTTP Service
Monitoring the HTTP Service
Tuning the HTTP Service
Tuning HTTP Listener Settings
Migrating From Version 7
Monitoring the ORB
Tuning the ORB
Thread Pool Sizing
Examining IIOP Messages
Improving ORB Performance with Java Serialization
Thread Pools
Tuning Thread Pools (Unix /Linux only)
JDBC Connection Pools
Connector Connection Pools

Chapter 4   Tuning the Java Runtime System
Java Virtual Machine Settings
Managing Memory and Garbage Collection
Tuning the Garbage Collector
Tracing Garbage Collection
Other Garbage Collector Settings
Tuning the Java Heap
Rebasing DLLs on Windows
Further Information

Chapter 5   Tuning the Operating System
Server Scaling
Disk Space
Tuning for Solaris
Tuning Parameters
File Descriptor Setting
Using Alternate Threads
Tuning for Solaris on x86
Semaphores and Shared Memory
File Descriptors
IP Stack Settings
Tuning for Linux platforms
File Descriptors
Virtual Memory
Network Interface
Disk I/O Settings
TCP/IP Settings

Chapter 6   Tuning for High-Availability
Tuning HADB
Disk Use
Memory Allocation
Operating System Configuration
Tuning the Application Server for High-Availability
Tuning Session Persistence Frequency
Session Persistence Scope
Session Size
Checkpointing Stateful Session Beans
Configuring the JDBC Connection Pool
Configuring the Load Balancer
Enabling the Health Checker


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