Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.2 Upgrade and Migration Guide

Migration of ejb-jar.xml

The following steps show how to migrate the file ejb-jar.xml to Application Server 8.2.

ProcedureTo Migrate the EJB Deployment Descriptor

To migrate the EJB deployment descriptor file, ejb-jar.xml, edit the file and make the following changes.

  1. Convert all <cmp-fields> to lowercase.

  2. Insert the tag <abstract-schema-name> after the <reentrant> tag.

    The schema name will be the name of the bean as in the < ejb-name> tag, prefixed with “ias_”.

  3. Insert the following tags after the <primkey-field> tag:

  4. Use the SQL obtained above to construct the EJB QL from SQL.

  5. Insert the <query> tag and all its nested child tags with all the required information just after the <security-identity> tag.