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Sun Rack II

User’s Guide

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Using this Documentation

1.  Preparing to Install the Rack

Installing the Rack Task Overview

Observing Safety Guidelines and Warnings

Verifying Requirements

Size and Space Requirements

Access Route Guidelines

Power Requirements

Grounding Requirements

Airflow Requirements

Electrostatic Discharge Prevention

Preparing the Installation Site

Mounting Holes and Cable Routing Floor Cutout

Leveling Feet and Castor Dimensions

Cable Routing Space Dimensions

Sun Rack II 1042 Rear Cabling Space

Sun Rack II 1242 Rear Cabling Space

Top Cable Window Dimensions

2.  Installing the Rack

Unpacking the Rack

Differences Between Standard and Enterprise Packaging

Tools Required

Moving the Rack to the Installation Site

Move the Rack to the Installation Site

Stabilizing the Rack

Stabilize the Rack With the Mounting Brackets

Stabilize the Rack With the Leveling Feet

Attaching an Optional Ground Cable

Attach a Ground Cable

3.  Installing Equipment Into the Rack

Installing Equipment Task Overview

Observing Equipment Installation Guidelines

Preparing to Install Equipment Into the Rack

Using the Anti-Tilt Legs

Taking Antistatic Precautions

Adjusting the RETMA Rails

Preparing Factory-Installed Power Distribution Units

Installing Power Distribution Units

Insert Cage Nuts Into Rail Holes

Using the Cable Management Hooks

Installing Equipment Into the Rack

Installing Optional Components

Install Filler Panels

Install Third-Party Cable Trays

4.  Servicing the Rack

Servicing Equipment in the Rack

Observing Equipment Service Guidelines

Servicing Power Distribution Units

Powering the Rack Off and On

Power the Rack Off

Power the Rack On

Locating and Disconnecting Panel Grounding Straps

Disconnect a Grounding Strap

Removing and Replacing the Doors

Remove the Doors

Replace the Doors

Removing and Replacing the Side Panels

Remove the Side Panels

Replace the Side Panels

Removing and Replacing Filler Panels

Remove Filler Panels

Replace Filler Panels

Removing and Replacing the Top Panel

Remove the Top Panel

Replace the Top Panel

5.  Repacking a Rack for Shipment

Securing the PDUs in the Rack

Secure the PDUs in the Rack

Repacking the Rack in the Enterprise Packaging

Repack the Rack in the Enterprise Packaging


Attaching an Optional Ground Cable

Sun Rack II power distribution units (PDUs) achieve earth ground through their power cords. Final chassis ground is achieved when the power cord is connected to a receptacle, where the ground prong contacts the power receptacle.

For additional grounding, you can attach a chassis earth ground cable to the rack. The additional ground point will allow current leakage to dissipate more efficiently.


Caution - The PDU power input lead cords and the ground cable must reference a common earth ground. Otherwise, a difference in ground potential can be introduced.

Note - A grounding cable is not shipped with the system.

Attach a Ground Cable


Caution - If you are unsure of the facility PDU receptacle grounding, do not install a ground cable until a proper PDU receptacle grounding has been confirmed. If a difference in ground potential is apparent, you must take corrective action.

  1. Ensure that the installation site has properly grounded facility PDUs in the data center.

    The facility PDU must be earth ground.

  2. Ensure that all grounding points (raised floors and power receptacles) reference the facility PDU ground.


    Caution - During manufacturing, the ground cable attachment area might be a painted surface. Ensure that metal-to-metal solid contact is made for this installation.

  3. Attach the ground cable to one of the attachment point located at the bottom rear of the system frame as shown in Earth Ground Attachment Bolt Location.

    The attachment point is an adjustable bolt that you can find just inside the rear of the rack on the right side.

    Figure 2-7 Earth Ground Attachment Bolt Location

    image:Figure showing where to install an Earth ground cable.