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Sun ONE Directory Server 5.2 Getting Started Guide


About This Guide

Purpose of This Guide
What's in This Guide
Prerequisite Reading
Typographical Conventions
Default Paths and Filenames
Downloading Directory Server Tools
Suggested Reading

Chapter 1 Documentation Overview
Directory Server 5.2 Documentation Set
Documentation Content
Sun ONE Directory Server Getting Started Guide
Sun ONE Directory Server Deployment Guide
Sun ONE Directory Server Installation and Tuning Guide (multi-platform edition only)
Sun ONE Directory Server Administration Guide
Sun ONE Directory Server Reference Manual
Sun ONE Directory Server 5.2 Plug-In API Programming Guide
Sun ONE Directory Server Plug-In API Reference
Sun ONE Directory Server Resource Kit Tools Reference
Sun ONE Server Console Server Management Guide

Chapter 2 Introduction to Sun ONE Directory Server
What is a Directory Service?
About Global Directory Services
About LDAP
About DSML
Directory Services and Databases
What is Sun ONE Directory Server?
Overview of Sun ONE Directory Server Architecture
Directory Server Data Storage
Managing Data in Directory Server
Directory Server Schema
Groups, Roles and Classes of Service
Security in Directory Server
Replication in Directory Server
What's New in Sun ONE Directory Server 5.2

Chapter 3 A Quick Look at Directory Server Console
Installing and Configuring Directory Server
Before You Start
Using Directory Server Console
Starting Directory Server Console
Managing Entries
Adding an Entry
Finding Entries
Understanding the Schema
Looking at the Schema in the Console
Working with Groups and Roles
Adding a Member to a Static Group
Creating a Managed Role
Checking Role Membership
Working With Class of Service (CoS)
Creating a CoS Template Entry
Creating a CoS Definition Entry
Working With ACIs
Creating a New ACI
Setting Up Replication
Creating a New Server Instance
Creating a New Suffix
Creating the Data Object
Enabling Replication
Setting up the Replication Agreement
Initializing the Consumer
Testing the Replication

Chapter 4 A Quick Look at Directory Server Command-Line Utilities
Examining the Configuration
Examining the Data
LDIF File Format
Creating a New Suffix
Populating a New Database Using ldif2db
Searching the Directory
Searching the Directory With ldapsearch
ldapsearch Examples
LDAP Search Filters
Search Filter Examples
Adding, Changing and Deleting Entries
Adding and Changing Entries Using ldapmodify
Deleting Entries Using ldapdelete
Working With the Schema
Looking at the Schema Entry
Schema Violation
Working With Groups and Roles
Adding a Static Group
Adding a Dynamic Group
Adding a Managed Role Definition
Searching for Role Definitions
Working With Class of Service (CoS)
Adding a Pointer CoS Entry
Working With ACIs
Looking at Access Restrictions
Adding an ACI at the Command-Line
Examining the Log Information
Looking at the Access Log
Enhancing the Error Log Information
Searching an Internationalized Directory
Matching Rule Filter Syntax
Supported Search Types
International Search Examples

Appendix A Accessibility Features
Console Accessibility Features
Documentation Accessibility Features



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