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Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook 7 2005Q1 User's Guide 


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Chapter 1   Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook Overview
What is Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook?
Where to Find Other Information

Chapter 2   Installing and Configuring the Software on Your Desktop
About the Setup Procedure
System Requirements
Profiles that May Be Converted
Folder Hierarchies for Migrated Data
If a Large PST File Conversion Is Interrupted
The Setup Procedure
Step 1: Start the Setup Wizard
Step 2: Install Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard
Step 3: Select an Outlook User Profile to Convert
Step 4: Select Personal Folders (.pst) Files to Convert
Step 5: Enter Exchange Account Login Information
Step 6: Enter New Sun Java System Account Login Information
Step 7: Enter Password(s) for Protected Personal Folders (.pst) Files
Step 8: Progress Meter(s)
Step 9: Exit

Chapter 3   Getting Started
Starting Outlook
Typical Initial Profile
Accessing Your Inbox
Accessing Your Calendar
Accessing Your Contacts

Chapter 4   Configuring Connector for Microsoft Outlook
Configuring Servers and User Accounts
Configuring Mail Properties
Configuring Calendar Properties
Configuring Address Book Properties
Configuring Store and Logging Properties

Chapter 5   Working with Email Folders
Accessing Your Inbox
Shared Folders
Delegating Access to a Mail Folder
Working Offline
Setting the Offline and Online Mode
Selecting a Folder for Offline Use
Changing the Folder Class

Chapter 6   Working with Calendar Folders
Accessing Your Calendar
Shared Calendars
Delegating Access to a Calendar

Chapter 7   Troubleshooting
If Microsoft Outlook Is Not Your Default E-mail Client
If a Sun Synchronization Program Is Installed, and Must Be Removed
If a Personal Folder (.pst) File Conversion Is Interrupted
Enabling Logging for Troubleshooting
Sending a Log Report
Increasing Log Files and Size
Assigning Tasks
If a Server is Down



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