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Oracle® Database Firewall Installation Guide
Release 5.0

Part Number E18693-08
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4 Updating the Oracle Database Firewall Software

This chapter contains:

About Updating the Oracle Database Firewall Software

This chapter explains how to update the Oracle Database Firewall software in Management Servers or Database Firewalls. The procedures described here apply to both stand-alone Database Firewalls and to Database Firewalls that are in a resilient pair for a high availability configuration.

If the installation contains paired Oracle Database Firewall Management Servers and Oracle Database Firewalls, then you must upgrade the Oracle Database Firewall Management Servers first.

For detailed information about how Oracle Database Firewall works in a high availability environment, see Oracle Database Firewall Administration Guide.

Procedure for Updating an Oracle Database Firewall


You must follow the specific procedures detailed in the README file of every Oracle Database Firewall update. The procedure given here has general instructions only.

To update Oracle Database Firewall or Management Server:


If you use a Management Server and managed Database Firewalls, then perform this procedure on the Management Server first, then on the Database Firewalls.
  1. Copy the provided RPM file onto the server of the Database Firewall or the Management Server by running a command similar to the following:

    scp update_RPM_file support@DBFW_or_MS_ip_address:/tmp/
  2. Log in to the Database Firewall or Management Server as user root.

  3. Run these two commands:

    /bin/rpm --freshen --repackage update_RPM_file
    /bin/ls /var/spool/repackage -t | /usr/bin/head -n1 > /usr/local/dbfw/updates/lastrpm
  4. Reboot the server.

  5. To update to the new Analyzer version, run the installer on the machine where you have the Analyzer installed.