The heading for this window is Oracle Database Firewall Administration Console. The window starts with the following row of buttons: Dashboard, Monitoring, which is highlighted, Reporting, Archiving, System, and Logout.

The page is divided into Monitoring on the left side and Enforcement Points on the right.

Monitoring on the left then has subheadings as following "Enforcement Point, followed by sub items, List, Create, and Tasks.

“Protected Databases' followed by sub items List and Create.

"Baselines" followed by sub items List and Upload

"Traffic sources" followed by sub item List

On the right side, Enforcement Points is followed by a grid with heading and one line of data as follows: Name: ep_01, Appliances: Local, Baseline:logall.dna, Mode: DAM, Protected Database: orcl, and Advanced with no data displayed. Following this are buttons for Manage and Status.