A window appears with Settings for Enforcement Point: 'ep_01". The first section is Monitoring settings:

Protected database: Sample selected from list says Oracle - orcl

Traffic Sources: br0 is checked with an icon indicated the second of 4 pairs is selected.

Database Response: Unchecked box for Activate Database Response Monitoring

Database Interrogation: Unchecked box for Activate Database Interrogation

Remote Monitor: Unchecked box for Activate Remote Monitor

Local Monitor: Unchecked box for Activate Local Monitor

SPA: Unchecked box to Activate User Role Auditing

Appliance Mode, with two choices: Database Policy Enforcement (DPE) or Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) which is checked.

Training Mode: Unchecked box

Log Sample Frequency (1 in N), with data entry box and sample data


The following information for Oracle is provided:

Name: Checked option for logall.dna and description: Log all statements for offiline analysis (Note: if this baseline is applied, it can use significant amounts of storage for the logged data)

There are 3 other unchecked options with descriptions: logsample.dna, passall.dna, and unique.dna.

The window ends with Save and Cancel buttons.