Sun Server X2-4 (formerly Sun Fire X4470 M2) Product Notes

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Updated: August 2015

Firmware and Software Access Options

Use one of the following options to obtain the latest set of firmware and software for your server:

  • Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant – Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant is a factory-installed feature for the Sun Server X2-4 that allows you to easily update server firmware and software.

    For more information about Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant, refer to the Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant 2.5 User's Guide for x86 Servers at

  • My Oracle Support – All system firmware and software are available from My Oracle Support at

    For more information on what is available on the My Oracle Support web site, see Available Software Release Packages.

    For instructions on how to download software releases from My Oracle Support, see Download Firmware and Software Using My Oracle Support.

  • Physical Media Request (PMR) – You can request a DVD that contains any of the downloads (patches) available from My Oracle Support.

    For information, see Request Physical Media (Online).