Sun Server X2-4 (formerly Sun Fire X4470 M2) Product Notes

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Updated: August 2015

Available Software Release Packages

Downloads on My Oracle Support are grouped by product family, then product, then version. The version contains one or more downloads (patches).

For servers and blades, the pattern is similar. The product is the server. Each server contains a set of releases. These releases are not true software product releases, but rather are releases of updates for the server. These updates are called software releases and comprise several downloads, all tested together. Each download contains firmware, drivers, or utilities.

My Oracle Support has the same set of download types for this server family as shown in the following table. These can also be requested through a physical media request (PMR).

Package Name
When to Download This Package
Sun Server X2-4 SW_version Firmware (Patch)
Includes Oracle ILOM and BIOS
You need the latest platform firmware.
Sun Server X2-4 SW_version Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant (Patch)
Includes Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant recovery and ISO update image.
You need to manually recover or update Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant.
Sun Server X2-4 SW_version Tools and Drivers (Patch)
Includes the tools and drivers and platform firmware. This DVD image does not include Oracle VTS.
You need to update a combination of system firmware and OS-specific software.
Sun Server X2-4 (X4470 M2 Server) SW_version Diagnostics (Patch)
Includes Oracle VTS diagnostics image.
You need the Oracle VTS diagnostics image.

Each of the downloads is a zip file that contains a ReadMe file and a set of subdirectories containing firmware or software files. The ReadMe file contains details on the components that have changed since the prior software release and the bugs that have been fixed.