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Sun Server X2-8 Product Documentation
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Sun Server X2-8 Name Change

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Documentation and Feedback

About This Documentation

Change History

Hardware Installation and Product Notes

Product Notes

Overview of the Sun Server X2-8 Product Notes

Supported Software and Firmware

Hardware Issues

Oracle Solaris Operating System Issues

Linux Issues

Oracle VM Issues

Windows Operating System Issues

ESX Issues

Oracle ILOM Issues

BIOS Issues

Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant

Documentation Errata

Requesting Physical Media

Hardware Installation

Installation Overview

Front and Back Features and Components

Unpacking the Server and Identifying the Rack Mounting Hardware

Installing the Server In the Rack Using the Standard Rack Mounting Kit

Installing the Server in the Rack Using the Universal Rack Mounting Kit

Removing the Server from the Rack

Cabling and Power

Getting Service for Your Server

Determining Your Server Management Strategy

Configuring the Preinstalled Solaris Operating System

Configuring the Preinstalled Oracle Linux Operating System

Configuring the Preinstalled Oracle VM Software

Communicating With Oracle ILOM and the System Console

I/O and Interrupt Resource Allocation

Sun Server X2-8 Specifications

Requesting Physical Media

Operating System Installation

Oracle Solaris Operating System

Introduction to Oracle Solaris OS Installation

Preparing for OS Installation

Creating a Virtual Disk

Installing Solaris OS


Linux Installation Task Map

Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant (OHIA)

Preparing for OS Installation

Selecting a Media Delivery Method

Installing Oracle Linux

Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Installing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Configuring a Linux Server to Support PXE Installation

Identifying Logical and Physical Network Interface Names for Linux OS Configuration


Windows Server OS Installation Planning

Preparing For Windows OS Installation

Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant (OHIA)

Downloading Server Software

Configuring a Remote Console

Creating a Virtual Disk

Installing Windows Server

Updating Critical Drivers and Installing Supplemental Software

Incorporating Windows Server 2008 Device Drivers Into WIM Images for WDS

Identifying Network Interfaces in Windows

Oracle VM

Introduction to Oracle VM Installation

Preparing for OS Installation

Installing Oracle VM


Installing VMware ESX 4.1

Installing VMware ESXi 4.1 and ESXi 5 Installable

Booting From OS Distribution Media

Administration, Diagnostics, and Service

ILOM Supplement

Determining Your Server Management Strategy

Oracle ILOM Documentation

Updating Firmware

Server-Specific Oracle ILOM Features

Identifying and Clearing Faults

Recovering a Lost Oracle ILOM Password

Monitoring Hardware and Environmental Sensors

Diagnostics Guide

Overview of the Diagnostics Guide

Introduction to System Diagnostics

Troubleshooting the Server

Troubleshooting DIMM Problems


Using Oracle ILOM to Monitor the Host

Creating a Data Collector Snapshot

Using SunVTS Diagnostics Software

Performing Pc-Check Diagnostic Tests

U-Boot Diagnostic Start-Up Tests

Service Manual

Sun Server X2-8 Service Manual Overview

Server and Component Overview

Power and Reset

Removing and Installing Components

Sun Server X2-8 Service Procedures and Information

Sun Server X2-8 Specifications

Requesting Physical Media


Numbers and Symbols


























designations and assignments, index iconNetwork Express Module Designations and Assignments
installing, index iconHow to Install a NEM or a NEM Filler
index iconBack Panel Network Express Module LED's
index iconBack Panel SP Module LEDs
index iconSun Server X2-8 Subassembly Module Overview
index iconNetwork Express Module Overview
removing, index iconHow to Remove a NEM or a NEM Filler
thermal sensor, index iconNEM Thermal Sensors
NEM firmware
update using the CLI, index iconHow to Update NEM Firmware Using the CLI
update using the web interface, index iconHow to Update NEM Firmware Using the Web Interface
NET MGT port, index iconService Processor (SP) Module Overview
network, testing, index iconAdvanced Diagnostics
Network Expansion Modules (NEMs), sensors, index iconSensors
network express module, See NEM
network express modules (NEMs)
index iconBack Features and Components
index iconCabling NEMs and PCIe EMs
network interfaces, identifying, index iconIdentifying Network Interfaces in Windows
network interfaces in VMware, index iconHow to Identify the Network Interface
network settings, ILOM, index iconPreboot Menu Command Summary
NFS service configuration for PXE, index iconHow to Configure the NFS Service on Your PXE Server
NIC teaming, index iconConfiguring Intel NIC Teaming
NMI button, index iconCPU Module (CMOD) LEDs
noinput.tst script, index iconStandard Scripts
notification thresholds, setting up
index iconHow to Use the Web Interface to Monitor Power Usage and Set Notification Thresholds
index iconHow to Use the CLI to Monitor Power Usage and Set Notification Thresholds