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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide for Oracle Adaptive Access Manager
Release 11g (11.1.1)

Part Number E14568-06
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15 Creating Checkpoints

A checkpoint is a specified point in a session when Oracle Adaptive Access Manager collects and evaluates security data using the rules engine.

New checkpoints can be added and existing checkpoint properties can be modified using the Properties Editor.

This chapter provides information on how to create and configure a new checkpoint and how to modify an existing checkpoint.

15.1 Creating a New Checkpoint

To create a new checkpoint, use the Properties Editor.

The enumeration for a checkpoint is shown below for your reference.

profile.type.enum.<nameofcheckpoint>=<Checkpoint Value>
profile.type.enum.<nameofcheckpoint>.name=<Checkpoint Name>
profile.type.enum.<nameofcheckpoint>.description=<Checkpoint Description>

The Checkpoint value must unique number. Make sure no other checkpoint uses the identifier. This ID is like a primary key in database terminology. For example, "1001."

The Checkpoint name must be user-presentable and meaningful. The name is used in Oracle Adaptive Access Manager.

If the checkpoint creation is successful, add the appropriate properties by clicking the Add New button under the Properties box.

The Checkpoint's required properties are:

Other properties you may add are:

After creating the checkpoint, you need to restart the server.

15.2 Creating a Checkpoint Example

Below is an example for creating the "addressChange" checkpoint.

profile.type.enum.addressChange=88 Change
profile.type.enum.addressChange.description=Address Change checkpoint

For finalactionrule, "process_results.rule" was provided because the Final Action for a given checkpoint during rules evaluation is determined by this rule file. File process_results.rule is supplied out-of-the-box and no additional steps are required.