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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Release Notes
11g Release 1 (11.1.1) for Microsoft Windows x64 (64-Bit)

Part Number E14774-30
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10 Oracle HTTP Server

This chapter describes issues associated with Oracle HTTP Server. However, there are no known issues at this time.

This chapter describes issues associated with Oracle HTTP Server. It includes the following topic:

10.1 Configuration Issues and Workarounds

This section describes configuration issues and their workarounds. It includes the following topic:

10.1.1 OHS Fails to Start When mod_perl is Enabled on Microsoft Windows x64 (64-Bit) 2008

In release, Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) installation is successful with OHS start and stop working fine on Microsoft Windows x64 (64-Bit) 2008. But OHS fails to start when mod_perl is enabled by copying




The console shows the following error:

Process (index=1,uid=2032669523,pid=6444) time out while waiting for a managed
process to start.

To work around this issue, perform the following steps:

  1. Complete Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g R1 Patch Set 1 ( and 11g R1 Patch Set 4 ( installation.

  2. Go to My Oracle Support:
  3. Click the Patches & Updates tab.

  4. Enter patch 12316692 in the Patch Name or Number field, under Patch Search.

  5. Click Search.

  6. Download and apply the patch by following the instructions in the README file included with the patch.