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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Programming Stand-alone Clients for Oracle WebLogic Server
11g Release 1 (10.3.5)

Part Number E13717-05
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6 WebLogic JMS Thin Client

The following sections describe how to deploy and use the WebLogic JMS thin client:

Overview of the JMS Thin Client

The JMS thin client (the wljmsclient.jar deployed with the wlclient.jar), provides Java EE and WebLogic JMS functionality using a much smaller client footprint than a WebLogic Install or Full client, and a somewhat smaller client footprint than a Thin T3 client. The smaller footprint is obtained by using:

For more information on developing WebLogic Server thin client applications, see Developing a Thin Client.

JMS Thin Client Functionality

Although much smaller in size than a WebLogic Full client or WebLogic Install, the JMS thin client (the wljmsclient.jar and wlclient.jar) provides the following functionality to client applications and applets:

Limitations of Using the JMS Thin Client

The following limitations apply to the JMS thin client:

Deploying the JMS Thin Client

The wljmsclient.jar and wlclient.jar are located in the WL_HOME\server\lib subdirectory of the WebLogic Server installation directory, where WL_HOME is the top-level WebLogic Server installation directory (for example, c:\Oracle\Middleware\wlserver_10.3\server\lib).

Deployment of the JMS thin client depends on the following requirements:

For more information about developing thin client applications for WebLogic Server, see Developing a Thin Client.