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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Programming JTA for Oracle WebLogic Server
11g Release 1 (10.3.5)

Part Number E13731-04
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6 Java Transaction API and Oracle WebLogic Extensions

This section provides a brief overview of the Java Transaction API (JTA) and extensions to the API provided by Oracle.

This section discusses the following topics:

JTA API Overview

WebLogic Server supports the javax.transaction package and the javax.transaction.xa package, from Sun Microsystems, Inc., which implement the Java Transaction API (JTA) for Java applications. For more information about JTA, see the Java Transaction API (JTA) Specification published by Sun Microsystems, Inc., at For a detailed description of the javax.transaction and javax.transaction.xa interfaces, see the JTA Javadoc.

JTA includes the following components:

Oracle WebLogic Extensions to JTA

Extensions to the Java Transactions API are provided where the JTA specification does not cover implementation details and where additional capabilities are required.

Oracle WebLogic provides the following capabilities based on interpretations of the JTA specification:

Oracle WebLogic Server provides the following classes and interfaces as extensions to JTA:

For a detailed description of the WebLogic extensions to the javax.transaction and javax.transaction.xa interfaces, see the weblogic.transaction package summary in the Oracle WebLogic Server API Reference.