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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Concepts Guide for Oracle Infrastructure Web Services
11g Release 1 (

Part Number E15184-04
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7 Using MTOM Encoded Message Attachments

This chapter describes how Oracle Infrastructure Web services process messages that are encoded in Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM) format.

Overview of Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism

Binary content, such as an image in JPEG format, can be passed between the client and the Web service. In order to be passed, the binary content is typically inserted into an XML document as an xsd:base64Binary string. Transmitting the binary content in this format greatly increases the size of the message sent over the wire and is expensive in terms of the required processing space and time.

Using MTOM, binary content can be sent as a MIME attachment, which reduces the transmission size on the wire. The binary content is semantically part of the XML document. This is an advantage over SWA (SOAP Messages with Attachments), in that it enables you to apply operations such as WS-Security signature on the message. For more information, refer to the following specifications:

Using MTOM to pass binary content as an attachment improves the performance of the Web services stack. Performance is not affected if an MTOM-encoded message does not contain binary content.

MTOM provides an optimized transmission mechanism for SOAP 1.2 messages with an envelope that contains elements of XML schema type xs:base64 binary. MTOM makes use of data handling mechanisms described in the following specifications:

These specifications fulfill the requirements outlined in OSUCR (SOAP Optimized Serialization Use Cases and Requirements), as described at:

Predefined MTOM Attachment Policies

As described in Chapter 2, "Attaching Policies to Oracle Infrastructure Web Services,", Oracle WSM provides a set of predefined policies and assertion templates that are automatically available when you install Oracle Fusion Middleware.

The MTOM attachment policies listed in Table 7-1 are available out-of-the-box.

Table 7-1 Predefined MTOM Attachment Policies

Reliable Messaging Policy Description


Rejects inbound messages that are not in MTOM format and verifies that outbound messages are in MTOM format.

For more information about the MTOM attachment predefined policies, see "MTOM Attachment Policies" in Security and Administrator's Guide for Web Services.

Attaching MTOM Policies

You can attach MTOM policies to Oracle Infrastructure Web services and clients at design time using Oracle JDeveloper, or at runtime using the Oracle Enterprise Manager. For more information, see Chapter 2, "Attaching Policies to Oracle Infrastructure Web Services."

Configuring MTOM Policies

No configuration steps are required.