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Oracle® Enterprise Manager System Monitoring Plug-in for Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database User's Guide

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2 Working with the TimesTen Target Page

The TimesTen plug-in collects many metrics that are useful in troubleshooting performance issues. The TimesTen target page displays a collective view of your database and the performance of your database.

This chapter details the procedure for navigating to the TimesTen target page and provides an overview of the TimesTen target page.

Topics include:

Navigating to the TimesTen target page

To navigate to the TimesTen target page:

  1. From the Targets menu, select All Targets on the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c home page.

    The All Targets page displays. Locate the Refine Search panel under All Targets.

  2. Expand Target Type, then Databases and click TimesTen In Memory Database 11g.

    Figure 2-1 Choose TimesTen In Memory Database 11g

    Description of Figure 2-1 follows
    Description of "Figure 2-1 Choose TimesTen In Memory Database 11g"

    The target table displays. For each row in the table, confirm the column Target Type contains TimesTen In Memory Database 11g. The number of rows is dependent on the number of TimesTen targets you have configured. For example, if you configured two TimesTen targets, then you should see two rows in the table. For each row, the Target Type equals TimesTen In Memory Database 11g.

  3. In the column Target Name, identify the TimesTen target you wish to review, and click the Target Name. The target name is the name of the TimesTen target you configured.

    Figure 2-2 Click the target name

    Description of Figure 2-2 follows
    Description of "Figure 2-2 Click the target name"

    The TimesTen target page displays.

Overview of the TimesTen target page

The TimesTen target page allows you to gather monitoring and metrics information specific to TimesTen targets. Figure 2-3, "TimesTen target page" shows Enterprise Manager Cloud Control menu choices as well as menu choices that have been customized for TimesTen targets.

Figure 2-3 TimesTen target page

Description of Figure 2-3 follows
Description of "Figure 2-3 TimesTen target page"

A description of the menu choices that have been customized for TimesTen targets follows: