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Sun Server X3-2 (formerly Sun Fire X4170 M3)

Product Notes, Version 1.3

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Getting the Latest Software and Firmware

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Access to Oracle Support

Sun Server X3-2 Product Notes

Sun Server X3-2 Name Change

Supported Hardware

Supported Firmware Versions

Supported Operating Systems

Important Operating Notes

Operational Changes for UEFI BIOS Configuration

Single-Processor to Dual-Processor Upgrade Is Not Supported

Update Your System to the Latest Software Release

Avoid Overwriting the Embedded Oracle System Assistant USB Flash Drive

Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Required Patches

Preinstalled Oracle VM Server and Oracle VM Manager Compatibility Requirements

Supported Operating System Limitations

Update HBA Firmware to Support UEFI BIOS

Segfaults Might Occur on Servers Running 64-bit Linux Operating Systems

Failure of a Single Server Fan Module Might Impact Performance

Standby Over-temperature Protection

MAC Address Mapping to Ethernet Ports

Inspect Grounding Strap on 3.5-inch HDD Bracket Before Installing

Battery Module

Server Management Tools

Supported PCIe Cards

Resolved Issues

Resolved Issues for Previous Software Releases

Known Issues

BIOS Known Issues

Hardware Known Issues

Oracle System Assistant Known Issues

Oracle Solaris Operating System Known Issues

Linux Operating Systems and Virtual Machine Known Issues

Windows Known Issue

VMware ESXi Known Issue

Documentation Updates

Getting Server Firmware and Software

Firmware and Software Updates

Firmware and Software Access Options

Available Software Release Packages

Accessing Firmware and Software

Download Firmware and Software Using My Oracle Support

Requesting Physical Media

Gathering Information for the Physical Media Request

Installing Updates

Installing Firmware

Installing Hardware Drivers and OS Tools

Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Required Patches

Before installing Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 on the server, you should install the patches listed in the following table.

Table 1 Required Patches for Oracle Solaris 10 8/11

Required Patches
CRs Fixed
CR Descriptions
Ethernet issue. This patch fixes an issue with Ethernet (ixgbe) ports losing link. Note that this issue also affects Oracle Solaris JumpStart installations. To support JumpStart installations, apply this patch to your Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 JumpStart miniroot image. The instructions for patching miniroot are in the Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Installation Guide: Network Based Installations, which is available at this web site:
FMA support. This patch adds support for Oracle Solaris Fault Management Architecture (FMA) for the Intel processor (CPU) used in the Sun Server X3-2.
Kernel issue. This patch fixes a problem with delayed visibility to processor threads that can cause a panic that contains the string turnstile_block and unowned mutex.
AVX issue. This patch fixes an issue with Intel AVX support.
Processor (CPU) performance counters support. This patch adds performance counter support for the Intel processor used in the Sun Server X3-2.
HBA issue. This patch fixes a panic that can occur when booting from an SGX-SAS6-INT-Z host bus adapter (HBA).
SCSI issue. This patch fixes an issue with SCSI DMA transfers during cable disconnects that reports "Error setting up next portion of DMA transfer".