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Sun Server X3-2 (formerly Sun Fire X4170 M3)

Product Notes, Version 1.2.1

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Getting the Latest Software and Firmware

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Support and Accessibility

Sun Server X3-2 Product Notes

Sun Server X3-2 Name Change

Supported Hardware

Supported Firmware Versions

Supported Operating Systems

Important Operating Notes

Operational Changes for UEFI BIOS Configuration

Single-Processor to Dual-Processor Upgrade Is Not Supported

Update Your System to the Latest Software Release

Avoid Overwriting the Embedded Oracle System Assistant USB Flash Drive

Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Required Patches

Preinstalled Oracle VM Server and Oracle VM Manager Compatibility Requirements

Supported Operating System Limitations

Update HBA Firmware to Support UEFI BIOS

Segfaults Might Occur on Servers Running 64-bit Linux Operating Systems

Failure of a Single Server Fan Module Might Impact Performance

Standby Over-temperature Protection

MAC Address Mapping to Ethernet Ports

Inspect Grounding Strap on 3.5-inch HDD Bracket Before Installing

Battery Module

Server Management Tools

Supported PCIe Cards

Resolved Issues

Resolved Issue for This Software Release

Resolved Issues for Previous Software Releases

Known Issues

Hardware Known Issues

Oracle Solaris Operating System Known Issues

Linux Operating Systems and Virtual Machine Known Issues

Oracle System Assistant Known Issues

Documentation Known Issues

Getting Server Firmware and Software

Firmware and Software Updates

Firmware and Software Access Options

Available Software Release Packages

Accessing Firmware and Software

Download Firmware and Software Using My Oracle Support

Requesting Physical Media

Gathering Information for the Physical Media Request

Installing Updates

Installing Firmware

Installing Hardware Drivers and OS Tools

Resolved Issues for Previous Software Releases

Table 7 Resolved Issues for Previous Software Releases

15775215 (formerly CR 7148627)
Power-on command might not work after rapid power off and on cycles.
Fixed in:
  • Release 1.2

15791123 (formerly CR 7168093
Attempts to change serial port ownership using the BIOS Setup Utility (F2) fail.
Fixed in:
  • Release 1.2

15788495 (formerly CR 7165042)
Oracle ILOM event logged for power reset is incorrect.
Fixed in:
  • Release 1.2

15800659 (formerly CR 7179910)
On single-processor systems, Ethernet ports NET 2 and NET 3, and PCIe slot 1 are incorrectly displayed as visible and editable (enable/disable) in the BIOS IO Menu screen.
Fixed in:
  • Release 1.2

15766055(formerly CR7129556)
The server's dual Intel X540 10GBase-T network interface controllers are unable to establish a 100 Mb link while in UEFI BIOS mode and enabled for LOM.
Fixed in:
  • Release 1.1

15774974(formerly CR7148294)
The IPMItool boot override command can be used to override the existing boot priority list.
Fixed in:
  • Release 1.1

15774795(formerly CR7148056)
The BIOS bootlist might get permanently changed when IPMItool is used to override the existing bootlist on two or more consecutive boot cycles.
Fixed in:
  • Release 1.1

15763811(formerly CR7126194)

Popup message “cannot retrieve host power status” appears in the Oracle ILOM web interface when the Oracle System Assistant Launch button is pressed.
Fixed in:
  • Release 1.1

15777542(formerly CR7151906)
Oracle System Assistant does not support creating, deleting, or modifying a user with a user name of user.
Fixed in:
  • Release 1.1

15776345(formerly CR7150235)
Fibre channel adapters are not supported in UEFI boot mode.
Fixed in:
  • Release 1.1