The image oam_configtype.png shows the Configuration Type page of the standalone Oracle Appliance Manager configurator. The navigation frame is on the left-hand side of the page as described in the previous image. In the navigation frame, the preceding and subsequent pages are listed as links that you click to go directly backward or forward one page, and the current page name is in bold font. Below the navigation frame is the Help button. In the main body of the page is a frame with the text Select Configuration Type. There are three options shown: Typical (Recommended), Custom, and SAP Application. The Typical option is selected. Below the Select Configuration Type frame are two side-by-side frames. The left-hand frame is labeled Select Environment and contains two options, one labeled Bare Metal, which is not selected, and one labeled Virtualized Platform, which is selected. The right-hand frame is labeled Select Hardware contains three options, one labeled ODA VI, one labeled ODA-X3-2, and one labeled ODA-X4-2, which is the selected option. At the bottom of the main body of the page is a button labeled Browse, and labeled Load an existing configuration. Click Browse to locate an existing configuration file to load into the configurator. On the lower right-hand side of the page are two buttons: Back, with an arrow pointing to the left, and Next, with an arrow pointing to the right. There is also a button labeled Finish, but it is not active. Finally, there is a button labeled Cancel, which closes the configurator. The Next button is selected.