The image oam_netval.png shows the Network Validation page in the standalone Oracle Appliance Manager configurator. The navigation frame is on the left-hand side of the page as described in the previous image. In the navigation frame, the preceding page is listed as a link that you click to go directly backward one page, and the current page name is in bold font. On the bottom of the page are the Help, Back, Next, Finish, and Cancel buttons, all of which are active except for the Finish button.

The main body of the page shows a check box with the text Skip Network Validations. Select this box to prevent the configurator from validating the addresses that you have entered in the Network Information page. When you select this box, the Next button becomes activated. In this example, the Skip Network Validations box is checked.

Below the check box is a validation results field, with the text "Click 'Run Validations' to perform network validations." When you click the Run Validations button, the results are displayed here.

Below the validation results frame are two buttons. The button on the left is the Save Validation Output button. The button on the right is the Run Validations button.

If you run the validation, then the text in the validation results field shows whether names and addresses can be pinged and resolved by the DNS server.

The Next button is selected.