The image oam_welcome.png shows the Welcome page of the standalone Oracle Appliance Manager configurator. The page displays the navigation frame on the left-hand side of the page, which includes a list of all the available pages with the current page highlighted and the next page (Configuration Type) listed as a link. Below the navigation frame is the Help button. In the main body of the page is a frame with text that explains how to use the configurator to generate a new parameter file that guides the network configuration. The parameter file can be a new one or an existing one that is edited during the running of the configurator. On the lower right-hand side of the page are the buttons Back, with an arrow pointing to the left, and Next, with an arrow pointing to the right and then a button labeled with one of two names. If you are running the configurator on Oracle Database Appliance, then the button is labeled Install, otherwise it is labeled Finish. There is also a button labeled Cancel. The only active buttons are the Help button, described earlier, the Next button, which takes you to the next page, and the Cancel button, which closes the configurator. The Next button is selected.