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Oracle® Database Appliance Service Manual
Release 2.10 for Linux x86-64

Part Number E23342-18
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7 Server Node Diagnostic Tools and Resetting the Service Processor

This chapter introduces the diagnostic tools available to troubleshoot or monitor the performance of your server nodes (also called system controllers). It also includes instructions to reset the service processor (SP) in the event that it hangs or becomes inaccessible.

This chapter includes:

Server Node Diagnostic Tools

Oracle provides a wide selection of diagnostic tools for use with your server node. These tools include lights out management of the system, service processor recovery, power-on self-test (POST), U-Boot tests, or Pc-Check tests, as well as hardware LEDs that indicate the status of system components.

The following table summarizes the available diagnostic tools.

Diagnostic Tool
What It Does
Where to Find Information
Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM)
Monitors server status, environmental conditions, generates alerts (SNMP traps, IPMI PETs, remote syslog), performs fault isolation, provides remote console access.

Note ‐  All patching/updating of Oracle Database Appliance is done with the regular Oracle Database Appliance Patch Set Bundle. This includes BIOS and SP firmware. This ensures that all software and firmware component versions are supported to work together. Patches are available through My Oracle Support.

Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) Documentation Collection at:
Oracle ILOM Preboot Menu
The Oracle ILOM preboot menu is a utility that can be used to fix problems with Oracle ILOM that cannot be fixed while it is running. It allows you to interrupt the Oracle ILOM boot process, configure settings, then continue booting Oracle ILOM. Among other things, it allows you to reset the Oracle ILOM root password to factory defaults, restore Oracle ILOM access to the serial port.
System indicators and LEDs
Provides at-a-glance status of the system and its components.
Power-On Self-Test (POST)
Tests core components of system: CPUs, memory, and motherboard I/O bridge integrated circuits.
Initializes and test aspects of the SP prior to booting Oracle ILOM. Tests SP memory, SP, network devices and I/O devices.
DOS-based utility that tests all motherboard components (CPU, memory, and I/O), ports, and slots.

Resetting the Service Processor

There are times when you might need to reset the service processor (such as after a firmware update). You can reset the server node SP using Oracle ILOM without affecting the host OS. However, this action disconnects your current Oracle ILOM session and will not allow any new sessions to be initiated until the reset has completed.

To reset the SP using the Oracle ILOM web interface or the CLI, see Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (ILOM) Documentation Library:

Note ‐  Be sure to refer to the documentation that applies to the version of Oracle ILOM supported with your appliance. See the "Supported Components and Capabilities" section in the Oracle Database Appliance Owner's Guide.

If you are unable to reset the SP using the Oracle ILOM web interface or the CLI (for example, if the SP hangs), then use the SP reset button as described in the following table.

ODA (Original Version)
ODA X3-2
ODA X4-2
  1. Find the SP reset button on the rear of the system, next to the power supply and the Locate button/LED.

    See the "Oracle Database Appliance (Original Version) Back Panel" section in the Oracle Database Appliance Owner's Guide.

  2. Insert a small stylus or non-conductive object into the opening and press the recessed push button switch.

    The SP resets.