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Oracle® Application Express Application Builder User's Guide
Release 4.1

Part Number E21674-05
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Viewing Page Reports

When isolating an issue within a page, it is important to clearly understand the functions it is performing. To accomplish this goal, Application Builder includes several page and application reports.

Viewing the Application Dashboard Report

The Application Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of your application from various perspectives. You can use this dashboard to view statistics and access reports of security settings, page and application components and templates.

To view the Application Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the Workspace home page.

  2. Click the Application Builder icon.

  3. Select an application.

    The Application home page appears.

  4. Click Utilities.

  5. Click Application Dashboard.

    The Application Dashboard appears. The first two regions on the left, Application Overview, and Pages by Types, list detailed information and statistics about the current application. The remaining regions are divided into the following sections:

    • Security lists the current authentication scheme, number of public and non public pages, and the number of authorization schemes used within the current application.

    • Application Components contains links to reports of application-level controls and logic, including lists of values, tabs, lists, application items, application processes, and application computations.

    • Templates contains links to reports of templates used within the current application.

    • Page Components contains links to reports of page-level controls and logic, including items, buttons, processes, regions, branches, validations, and dynamic actions.

  6. To view a specific report, click the number to the right of the component type or template.