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Oracle® Application Express End User's Guide
Release 4.1

Part Number E26811-01
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Using the Search Bar

Description of ir_search_bar.gif follows
Description of the illustration ir_search_bar.gif

A search bar displays at the top of most interactive reports and may include the following features:


Developers can customize what displays on the Search bar. To learn more, see "Customizing the Interactive Search Bar" in Oracle Application Express Application Builder User's Guide.

Using the Select Columns To Search Icon

The Select columns to search icon displays to the left of the search bar. Clicking this icon displays a listing of all columns in the current report.

To search specific columns:

  1. Click the Select columns to search icon and select a column.

    Description of ir_select_col_rpt.gif follows
    Description of the illustration ir_select_col_rpt.gif

  2. Enter keywords in the Text area and click Go.

  3. To disable the filter, select the Enable/Disable Filter check box.

  4. To delete the filter, click the Remove Filter icon.