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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)

Part Number B32519-02
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Load Wizard: Step 5 dialog

Use this dialog to enter a name and description for the business area and to configure how data is loaded into the business area.

For more information, see:

"What is the Load Wizard?"

"How to create a business area using the Load Wizard"

What do you want to name this business area?

Use this field to enter a name for your new business area. Use a short name that reflects the business function of the business area. For example, Web Usage Analysis.

What Description do you want for this business area?

Use this field to enter a description for your new business area. Use this field to provide additional information about the business area, such as who created it, the intended audience, or more specific details about its scope.

How do you want to generate object names?

Replace all underscores with spaces

Use this check box to replaces underscores with spaces. For example, Region_Name is converted to Region Name.

Remove all column prefixes

Use this check box to removes prefix characters that are common to all columns. For example, if a table name is EMP and its column names are EMP_Number, EMP_Name, and EMP_Address, the corresponding names in the business area become Number, Name, and Address.


Use this check box to capitalize (then choose an option from the drop down list) as follows:

Which objects do you want to sort?

Sort Folders

Use this check box to sort folders alphabetically within a business area.

Sort Items

Use this check box to sort items alphabetically within a folder.

For information about using the command-line interface to sort folders and items during a business area load, see "/load".

For information about sorting folders and items in a business area, see: