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Oracle® WebCenter Administrator's Guide for Siebel Application Adapter
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)

Part Number E17045-02
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1 Overview

This chapter covers the following topics:

1.1 About This Guide

This guide describes how to configure the Siebel Adapter for Oracle WebCenter Content. It includes the following sections:

1.2 About the Adapter

The Siebel Adapter for Oracle WebCenter Content allows Siebel CRM users to scan, attach, store, and retrieve attachments stored in an Oracle WebCenter Content Server repository. Content Server documents are displayed as managed attachments to Siebel entities in a customizable IFrame within the Siebel application.

This graphic is discussed in surrounding text.

1.3 Automatically Configured Siebel Entities

The Siebel Adapter for WebCenter provides a Siebel archive (SIF) file that automatically configures the following Siebel entities:

See Section 2.3, "Configuring the Adapter for Siebel" for detailed configuration information.


Additional Siebel entities can be configured for use with the Siebel Adapter for WebCenter by following the instructions in Section B, "Configuring Additional Siebel Objects."

1.4 System Architecture

Figure 1-1 illustrates the IFrame configuration for the Siebel adapter.

Figure 1-1 System Architecture for IFrame Configuration for Siebel Adapter

This graphic is discussed in surrounding text.

1.5 Managed Attachments Options

When a Siebel user displays a Siebel record such as a contact, Content Server lists the attachments to which the user has access in a Managed Attachments IFrame.

Siebel users can perform the following tasks in the attachments IFrame:

For details about how users work with Content Server documents in a Siebel application, see the Oracle WebCenter User's Guide for Siebel Application Adapter.

1.6 User IFrame Authentication

Siebel users must have a Content Server account to display the Managed Attachments IFrame within the supported Siebel entity. In addition, the authentication model configured for Content Server and Siebel determines how users are authenticated the first time they display a Siebel record that includes the attachments IFrame:

1.7 Document Security

Users set a document's security when checking it into Content Server. In the attachments IFrame, Siebel users see only those attachments to which their Content Server account allows them access. So a document attached to a Siebel entity does not appear in the search results for an unauthorized user. It is recommended to use a profile that specifies default security values for document check-in.