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Oracle® WebCenter Administrator's Guide for Application Adapters
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)

Part Number E17953-02
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What's New

This section describes new Oracle WebCenter application adapter features starting with 11g Release 1 ( It contains the following topics:

Managed Attachments Solution Features Added

The following table describes Managed Attachments solution features included with the application adapters.


For information about additional certifications, such as for Oracle E-Business Suite or Oracle PeopleSoft plug-ins, see supported configuration and certification information at:

Managed Attachments Solution Features Description Refer To
Support for Oracle E-Business Suite OAF applications Integrate Managed Attachments functionality into OAF (Oracle Application Framework) pages by adding a Managed Attachments button via page personalization and configuration. Section 2.3, "Configuring Oracle Application Framework (OAF) Pages Via Personalization."
Support for configuring Managed Attachments on other business applications Using the Enterprise Application Adapter Framework component, integrate Managed Attachments functionality into a business application other than Oracle E-Business Suite or Oracle PeopleSoft. Section 6.4, "Configuring the Enterprise Application Adapter Framework."
Administration interface for customizing Managed Attachments functionality As an alternative to editing the preferences.hda file, use this interface to configure global variables and add attachment relationships and entity-specific configurations. Section 6.5.1, "Working With Global Configuration Variables."
Customization variables added
  • AppAdapterCheckinPrivate: Enables you to make private document checkin the default when users check in documents, instead of shared.
  • AppAdapterExtraCheckinMetadata and AppAdapterExtraScanMetadata: See item that follows in this table regarding passing extra metadata.

  • AppAdapterHelpIconVisible: Enables you to display or hide the user Help icon on the Managed Attachments screen.

  • AppAdapterViewUnreleased: Enables you to display or hide documents in the attachments list before they are released.

In addition, ResultCount (number of attachments to display per page) and SearchEngineName (search engine to use) are now variables you can set and modify in the Configure Managed Attachments screen.

Section 6.5.1, "Working With Global Configuration Variables."
Pass extra metadata for use in Content Server Enables you to pass metadata on the AXF grant call to be prepopulated during checkin. Section 6.6.14, "Passing Extra Metadata Values From a Business Application to Content Server."
Simplified URL displayed to end-users A ticket mechanism now hides detail such as business object IDs from end-users on the Managed Attachments URL.  
CSF enhancements in the Managed Attachments security model You must now store administrator credentials in a credential store framework (CSF) using a configurable key name.

The Managed Attachments solution compares the username sent by Oracle E-Business Suite or Oracle PeopleSoft in the Web Services call with the username stored in the CSF. If the administrator usernames do not match, an exception occurs that prevents access to the Managed Attachments page.

Section 6.7.1, "Configuring a CSF Credential for Managed Attachments."
Resize Oracle PeopleSoft Popup Solution Windows You can change or remove the default system-wide size for all Oracle PeopleSoft popup windows that display as part of solutions. Section 5.4.12, "Resizing Oracle PeopleSoft Popup Solution Windows" and Section 6.6.15, "Resizing Oracle PeopleSoft Popup Solution Windows."
Private attachments security group configurable for specific business entity On a per entity level, you can override the default security group for private attachments, and assign documents to an alternate security group. Section 6.6.16, "Configuring an Entity's Private Attachments Security Group."
Users can search within the attachments list If viewing many attachments on the Managed Attachments screen, users can perform a search within the attachments list (for example, search for a document by its name). "Searching Within the Attachments List" in Oracle WebCenter User's Guide for Application Adapters.

Imaging Solution Features Added

The following table describes new Imaging solution features included with the application adapters.

Imaging Solution Features Description Refer To
Administration interface (Solution Editor) for making web tool changes After solution configuration, use the Solution Editor in Imaging to quickly make changes to the web tools without directly modifying the underlying tables. For example, change BPEL views available in the Task List, task actions listed in the Task Viewer, or enumeration values available on an Enumeration Picker page. Section A.2.1, "Solution Editor"
Account Distribution Coding Form This reusable AXF web interface allows for entering and selecting detailed document information, including line-item level values. The invoicing processing solution accelerator uses the coding form to provide an account distribution entry form for qualified users to enter codes for non-PO invoices. Section A.2.6, "Account Distribution Coding Form (Oracle E-Business Suite Only)"
Using Imaging with OAF applications Optionally you can provide access to the Imaging solution instead of the Managed Attachments solution on OAF (Oracle Application Framework) pages. For example, include a button that allows users to access the supplier maintenance functionality available in the Imaging solution. Section 2.3.3, "Configuring Other Services on OAF Pages (Optional)"
Searching for tasks in the Task List If viewing many tasks in a Task List, users can search for a specific task by a key identifier. For example, users might search for an invoice task by its invoice number. "Searching for Tasks" in Oracle WebCenter User's Guide for Application Adapters
Sorting tasks in the Task List End-users can sort the Task List in ascending or descending order by clicking a column heading. "Sorting Tasks" in Oracle WebCenter User's Guide for Application Adapters