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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for Oracle Portal, Forms, Reports and Discoverer
11g Release 1 (

Part Number E10421-07
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3 Installing Oracle Discoverer Desktop

This chapter describes how to install Oracle Discoverer Desktop.

In Oracle Application Server 10g releases, Oracle Discoverer Desktop and Discoverer Administrator were included as part of the Oracle Developer's Suite. In Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, these products are included with Oracle Portal, Forms, Reports and Discoverer.

Now, Oracle Discoverer Desktop and Discoverer Administrator are available separately with their own installer so that you can install these products more quickly. Oracle WebLogic Server and database schemas are not required for either product.


The separate installer is only available on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

The following topics are covered in this chapter:

3.1 Verifying Your System and Network Environment

To verify that your system environment meets the minimum requirements for installation, refer to the following documents, available on Oracle Technology Network (OTN):

3.2 Installation Instructions

When you run the installer, Application Developer is installed onto your system. After the product is installed, you must run the Configuration Wizard to configure Application Developer.

This section contains the following topics:

3.2.1 Starting the Installer

To start the installer, insert the product CD-ROM. If your system is not configured for autorun, find and execute the setup.exe file.

3.2.2 Finding the Installation Log Files

The installer writes logs files to the Oracle_Inventory_Location\logs directory. Refer to Section F.2.1, "Installation Log Files" for more information about the log files and their contents.

3.2.3 Following the Installation Screens and Instructions

Follow the instructions in Table 3-1 to install Oracle Discoverer Desktop and Discoverer Administrator.

If you need additional help with any of the installation screens, refer to Appendix B, "Oracle Discoverer Desktop Installation Screens" or click Help to access the online help.

Table 3-1 Installation Screens

Screen Description and Action Required


This page introduces you to the Oracle Fusion Middleware installer.

Prerequisite Checks

Verify that your system meets all necessary prerequisites.

Specify Installation Location

Specify the directory where you want to install the software. This directory is your Oracle home directory:

  • If you specify an existing directory, make sure the directory is empty.

  • If you specify a new directory, the installer will create the directory for you.

Select Components

Select the products you want to install.

Installation Summary

Verify the installation about to be performed.

Installation Progress

This screen shows the progress of the installation.

When the process is 100% complete, click Next to continue.

Installation Completed

Click Save to save your configuration information to a file. This information includes port numbers, installation directories, URLs, and component names which you may need to access at a later time.

After saving your configuration information, click Finish to dismiss the installer.

3.3 Starting Your Products

After the installation is complete, you can start your software.

To run Oracle Discoverer Desktop, go to the Start menu and select All Programs > Oracle Discoverer Desktop and Admin - Home 1 > Oracle Discoverer Desktop.

To run Oracle Discoverer Administrator, go to the Start menu and select All Programs > Oracle Discoverer Desktop and Admin - Home 1 > Oracle Discoverer Administrator.