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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Tutorial for Oracle Identity Management
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)

Part Number E10276-01
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2 Modifying the Oracle Internet Directory Schema

In this exercise, you use Oracle Directory Services Manager to create a new object class, conferenceRoom, which extends the object class room.

2.1 Before you Begin

You need the following information in order to perform this exercise:

2.2 Adding an Object Classes by Using Oracle Directory Services Manager

To add an object class:

  1. Access Oracle Directory Services Manager as described in "Accessing Oracle Directory Services Manager".

  2. Go to the Schema page.

  3. Expand the Object Classes panel on the left.

  4. Enter room in the Search field and click Go. The search returns at least one object class, called room.

  5. Select room in the Object Classes panel. Information about the object class appears in the right panel

  6. Click the Create an object class like the selected one icon. The New Object Class dialog box displays the attributes of the room object class.

  7. Enter the name conferenceRoom and an available Object ID. Leave Type set to Structural.

  8. In the Superclass section of the page, click the Add Super Object Class icon. The Add Super Object Class dialog appears. Enter room into the search field and click Go. When the search returns, click room in the search result and click OK.

  9. In the Optional Attributes section of the page, click the Add optional attributes to list icon. The Optional Attribute Selector dialog appears. Enter buildingName into the search field and click Go. Select buildingName in the search result and click OK.