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Oracle® Coherence Getting Started Guide
Release 3.7.1

Part Number E22840-01
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1 Defining a Data Grid

2 Provide a Data Grid

3 Provide a Queryable Data Fabric

4 Clustering in Coherence

5 Network Protocols

6 Cluster Your Objects and Data

7 Cluster Services Overview

8 Partitioned Cache Service

9 Replicated Cache Service

10 Local Cache

11 Near Cache

12 Read-Through, Write-Through, Write-Behind, and Refresh-Ahead Caching

13 Managing an Object Model

14 Storage and Backing Map

15 Local Storage

16 The Portable Object Format

17 Coherence*Extend

18 Real Time Client—RTC

19 Session Management for Clustered Applications

20 The Coherence Ecosystem