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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Performance and Tuning for Oracle WebLogic Server
12c Release 1 (12.1.1)

Part Number E24390-05
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12 Tuning Data Sources

This chapter provides tips on how to get the best performance from your WebLogic data sources.

Data Source Administration

"Tuning Data Source Connection Pool Options" in Configuring and Managing JDBC Data Sources for Oracle WebLogic Server has many suggestions for improving data source performance. The following is a quick summary:

Waste Not

Another simple way to boost performance is to avoid wasting resources. Here are some situations where you can avoid wasting JDBC related resources:

Database Listener Timeout under Heavy Server Loads

In some situations where WebLogic Server is under heavy loads (high CPU utilization), the database listener may timeout and throw an exception while creating a new connection. To workaround this issue, increase the listener timeout on the database server. The following example is for an Oracle driver and database:

Advanced Configurations for Oracle Drivers and Databases

Oracle provides advanced configuration options that can provide improved data source and driver performance when using Oracle drivers and databases. Options include Oracle proxy authentication and Active GridLink. Active GridLink provides transaction and web session affinity to improve performance. See "Advanced Configurations for Oracle Drivers and Databases" in Configuring and Managing JDBC Data Sources for Oracle WebLogic Server.

Additional Oracle Features

Oracle provides additional advanced features:

Use Best Design Practices

Most performance gains or losses in a database application is not determined by the application language, but by how the application is designed. The number and location of clients, size and structure of DBMS tables and indexes, and the number and types of queries all affect application performance. See "Designing Your Application for Best Performance" in Programming JDBC for Oracle WebLogic Server.