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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Upgrade Guide for Oracle WebLogic Server
12c Release 1 (12.1.1)

Part Number E24497-03
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C Upgrade Wizard Command-Line Reference

This appendix provides detailed information about how to invoke the WebLogic Upgrade Wizard from the command line.

The command to invoke the WebLogic Upgrade Wizard has the following syntax:

java weblogic.Upgrade [-help | -h | -? | -usage] [-type type] [-mode mode] [-responses xmlfile] [-out file]

Table C-1 describes each of the arguments that may be specified in this command.

Table C-1 Command-Line Arguments for the WebLogic Upgrade Wizard

Argument Description
-help | -h | -? | -usage

Displays help information.

-type type 

Specifies one of the following types of upgrade: domain, nodemanager, or securityproviders. The default value is domain.

Note: The -type domain option can only be used to upgrade a WebLogic domain in silent mode. For more information, see Upgrading a Domain in Silent Mode.

-mode mode 

Specifies one of the following modes of upgrade: gui or silent. The default value is gui.

-responses xmlfile 

Specifies the location of the XML file that contains the upgrade requirements to be used during a silent upgrade. This argument is valid only when -mode is set to silent. For more information about the format of the responses file, see Appendix D, "Silent Upgrade XML Script Reference."

-out file 

Specifies the file in which standard output and errors are stored. By default, log output is sent to stdout.