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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Web User Interface Developer's Guide for Oracle Application Development Framework
11g Release 2 (

Part Number E16181-02
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1 Introduction to ADF Faces

This chapter introduces ADF Faces, providing an overview of the framework functionality and each of the different component types found in the library.

This chapter includes the following sections:

1.1 About Oracle ADF Faces

Oracle ADF Faces is a set of over 150 Ajax-enabled JavaServer Faces (JSF) components as well as a complete framework, all built on top of the JSF 2.0 standard. In its beginnings, ADF Faces was a first-generation set of JSF components, and has since been donated to the Apache Software Foundation. That set is now known as Apache MyFaces Trinidad (currently available through the Apache Software Foundation), and remains as the foundation of today's ADF Faces.

With ADF Faces and JSF 2.0, you can implement Ajax-based applications relatively easily with a minimal amount of hand-coded JavaScript. For example, you can easily build a stock trader's dashboard application that allows a stock analyst to use drag and drop to add new stock symbols to a table view, which then gets updated by the server model using an advanced push technology. To close new deals, the stock trader could navigate through the process of purchasing new stocks for a client, without having to leave the actual page. Much of this functionality can be implemented declaratively using Oracle JDeveloper, a full-featured development environment with built-in support for ADF Faces components, allowing you to quickly and easily build the view layer of your web application.


Because ADF Faces adheres to the standards of the JSF technology, this guide is mostly concerned with content that is in addition to, or different from, JSF standards. Therefore, it is recommended that you have a basic understanding of how JSF works before beginning to develop with ADF Faces. To learn more about JSF, see

1.2 ADF Faces Framework

ADF Faces framework offers complete rich functionality, including the following;

1.3 ADF Faces Components

ADF Faces components generally fall into the following categories: