What's Changed in this Guide?

The revisions listed below identify information updates, structural changes, as well as relocation of information to other guides.

Since the last revision, the following changes have been made:

  • Added: Revised EMCTL chapter.

  • Modified: Various technical and procedural updates.

Previous Revisions

  • Added: In Section 13.5.1, "Common Prerequisites" added the following bullet point: "Source and target database platform must be at the same endian format." Later in that same section, just prior to listing the steps for migration, the following was added:"Cross-platform transportable database allows a database to be migrated from one platform to another (use with Data Pump or Import/Export). The following set of steps for migration using Transportable Database can be used for migrations between same-endian platforms:"

  • Added: Applying adaptive thresholds using monitoring templates

  • Modified: Various technical and procedural updates.