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Monitoring Consumers

This topic lists the ways you can monitor consumers. The list orders these monitoring tasks from least to most detailed. Each listed task directs you to where you can perform the monitoring and provides a link to more detailed information.

In general, there are two views that offer transaction performance information segmented by consumer:

If you have defined a consumer that participates in different transactions, the Analysis tab and the information presented in the main view for that consumer will display values that aggregate performance measurements for all transactions that involve the consumer.

Before you can monitor consumers, you must map messages to consumers and enable segmentation by consumer. See Mapping Messages to Consumers for more information.

To get information about a consumer definition, select the consumer in the Explorer > Consumers view, and select the Profile tab. The tab shows the name of the consumer, its ID (useful in some CLI commands), any description you entered when you created the consumer, and any attributes you have created for the consumer business object.

To monitor consumers: