Known Product Limitations

Known Product Limitations

  1. Use of the native Oracle Enterprise Manager patch mechanism to apply core technology patches (Developer Forms, Application Server, Database or other standalone technologies) against Oracle E-Business Suite managed targets should NOT be done under any circumstances.

    While Enterprise Manager can be used to apply such patches to standalone installations of Developer Forms, Application Server and the RDBMS products, when these components are part of an Oracle E-Business Suite environment (installed at the same time via the Rapid Install Wizard), they must not be patched using Oracle Enterprise Manager.

    Failure to acknowledge this caveat could result in unrecoverable system status.

  2. Start and Stop features present in some of the Enterprise Manager console pages should NOT be used against individual Oracle E-Business Suite sub-targets. One example is starting and stopping the Oracle E-Business Suite database. While Oracle Enterprise Manager has no problems starting and stopping individual standalone product services, doing the same with Oracle E-Business Suite components will produce unexpected and inconsistent results. The one exception to this rule is that the Oracle Application Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite's administration feature can be used to start and stop the application tier service from the Enterprise Manager console.

  3. The only mechanisms for cloning an Oracle E-Business Suite system from within the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control console are those provided in the cloning chapter of this guide. Alternatively, for more information on cloning, refer to the following Oracle E-Business Suite documents on My Oracle Support: Knowledge Document 230672.1, "Cloning Oracle Applications Release 11i with Rapid Clone", and Knowledge Document 406982.1, "Cloning Oracle Applications Release 12 with Rapid Clone".

  4. Creating copies of the out-of-box cloning procedures is not supported. The "Create Like" feature is provided for customers to extend the cloning functionalities based on their own specific business needs.

  5. In discovery and monitoring, Oracle Application Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite does not support multiple Oracle E-Business Suite instances with the same name across different hosts on a given Oracle Management Server; that is, instances are differentiated only by the Oracle System Identifier (SID) and not the CONTEXT_NAME values.

  6. Because Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c uses an https OMS port by default, all links used in the Change Management modules use https mode. Due to a known limitation with Internet Explorer and https-enabled websites, the Change Management modules cannot download files, including patches, readmes, file manifests, and package reports in Internet Explorer. Another browser such as Mozilla Firefox should be used instead.