21 Monitoring a MWaaS Cloud

This chapter describes Enterprise Manager support for monitoring and administering an MWaaS Cloud. It contains the following sections:

21.1 Viewing the Middleware Pool Home Page

The Middleware Pool Home page provides detailed information of the Middleware Pool. To view this page, click the Pool Name link in the Middleware Pools region of the Middleware Cloud Self Service Portal Setup: Middleware Pools page. The Middleware Pool Home page contains the following regions:

Figure 21-1 Middleware Pool Home

Middleware Pool Home Page
  • Summary: This region shows the following information:

    • Parent PaaS Infrastructure Zone: The zone with which the Middleware Pool is associated. Click on the link to drill down to the PaaS Infrastructure Zone Home page.

    • Oracle Homes: The total number of Oracle Homes in the Middleware Pool.

    • Oracle Home Version: The version of the Oracle homes.

  • Placement Policy Constraints:

    • Total Java Servers (per host): The maximum number of WebLogic servers that can be running on each host.

    • Java Servers: The total number of WebLogic servers in the Middleware Pool.

  • Load Balancer: This region shows the following details:

    • Load Balancer Configuration: The name of the load balancer configuration associated with the Middleware Pool. Click on the link to view the load balancer details.

    • Load Balancer Type: The type of load balancer. This can be Oracle HTTP Server, Oracle Traffic Director, or Third Party Load Balancer.

  • Service Templates: The number of service templates with which the Middleware Pool is associated. For each service template, the name, a column indicating if the load balancer configuration has been enabled, and the description of the template is displayed. You can drill down to detailed page to see which MWaaS instances are associated with each service template.

  • Service Instances: The service instances running on the Middleware Pool are displayed. For each service instance, the name, the status, date on which it is scheduled to expire, the service template with which is associated, and the location of the Oracle Home is displayed.

  • Members: This region shows a list of members in the Middleware Pool. The name of the target, the target type, the host on which it is running, the location of the Oracle Home, and the location of the Middleware Home is displayed.