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Oracle® Enterprise Manager Cloud Administration Guide
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24 About Testing as a Service

Testing as a Service (TaaS) is a cloud-based platform for delivering automated application testing services. It is a self-service solution designed for private clouds that:

Delivered through Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, TaaS makes it possible to significantly reduce testing time and costs without compromising quality and enables organizations to be more agile in delivering critical business applications to their users.

Key TaaS features include:

24.1 TaaS Roles

There are three roles used in TaaS: Test Administrators, Test Designers, and Testers. The following sections describe these roles in more detail.

24.1.1 Test Administrators

TaaS enables Test Administrators to manage the application infrastructure for testing activities, define user activities for self-service testing, and manage test environments and test assets. See Figure 24-1.

Figure 24-1 Testing Cloud Administration Activities

Description of Figure 24-1 follows
Description of "Figure 24-1 Testing Cloud Administration Activities"

From TaaS, the Test Administrator can:

  • Set Up Applications

  • Set Up Test Drivers

  • Set Up Quotas

  • Publish to User Roles

  • Set Up Chargeback Service

24.1.2 Test Designers

TaaS enables Test Designers to create test assets and test environments that can be made available to users to perform testing activities. Test Designers create test scripts and testing scenarios by using the test drivers native capabilities. These scenarios include which parameters are configurable at run-time. See Figure 24-2.

Figure 24-2 Testing Cloud Designer Activities

Description of Figure 24-2 follows
Description of "Figure 24-2 Testing Cloud Designer Activities"

From TaaS, the Test Designer can:

  • Create Test Assets

  • Create Test Environments

24.1.3 Testers

TaaS allows Testers to create tests from test assets and test environments that have been published to them by the Test Administrator. The Tester runs trials based on the test asset and environment, monitors ongoing trials, and analyzes the results of completed trials. The Tester can apply patches to an environment and rerun the trials to compare the results and determine how changes to the environment affect key metrics and overall performance. See Figure 24-3.

Figure 24-3 Testing Cloud End User Activities

Testing Cloud End User Activities

From TaaS, the Tester can:

  • Verify Available Test Assets and Environments

  • Create Tests

  • Create and Run Trials

  • Share Tests

  • Monitor On-Going Trials

  • Report and Compare Trial Data from Previous Trials

  • View Activity and Usage Information

  • View Deployment Information