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Oracle® Enterprise Manager Configuration Guide for BMC Remedy Service Desk 7.6 Connector

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6 Advanced Ticketing Configuration

6.1 Customizing to Support a Ticketing Inbound Operation

Ticketing inbound operations is a new feature added in Enterprise Manager 12c. This feature enables you to update the ticket status in Enterprise Manager for any ticket status change on the Remedy Service Desk system.

When a ticket/incident, which is created by Enterprise Manager, is updated manually in the Remedy Service Desk Incident Management console, the same ticket status is updated on Enterprise Manager through EM CLI by using Remedy Active Links.

The Remedy active link run process to run external process is not functional in Workflow 7.6.04 (mid-tier: 7.6.04 SP1). A BMC Remedy Defect #SW00429829 is open, and as per BMC, the issue will be fixed in the next release of Mid-Tier.