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Oracle® Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Upgrade Guide
12c Release 4 (

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I Securing Oracle Management Agents After Backing Up Oracle Management Repository

Before you deploy and configure Oracle Management Agents 12c (Management Agent) as described in Section 10.1, you must ensure that the old Management Agents remain in the same mode as they were before the Management Repository was backed up. In other words, if your old Management Agents were running in secure (or unsecure) mode before the Management Repository was backed up, then they must continue to run in the same mode while you deploy and configure the new Management Agents for them.

Do not resecure the Management Agents after backing up the Management Repository. If you do so, the ping test might fail while performing the healthcheck because of a mismatch between the configuration stored in the repository and the actual configuration of the Management Agent. You will see the following KEY_MISMATCH error in the gcagent.log file.

gcagent.log:2011-09-28 05:41:46,192 [82:B5BF5C12:GC.Executor.1 (Ping OMS)] WARN - Received response status KEY_MISMATCH
gcagent.log:2011-09-28 05:42:16,231 [89:D485F18E:GC.Executor.5 (Ping OMS)] WARN - Received response status KEY_MISMATCH
gcagent.log:2011-09-28 05:42:29,232 [1:3305B9] WARN - Received response status KEY_MISMATCH 

If you still want to resecure the Management Agents for some reason, then follow these steps:

  1. Disable the health check by running the following SQL query against the old Management Repository.

    BEGIN PRE_UPG_UTL.set_param('bypass_hc', '1'); END;
  2. Switch over the Management Agent as described in Section 10.4.

  3. Secure the new Management Agents.

    $<AGENT_INSTANCE_DIR>/bin/emctl secure agent

  4. Start the new Management Agents.

    $<AGENT_INSTANCE_DIR>/bin/emctl start agent

  5. Enable the health check.

    BEGIN PRE_UPG_UTL.set_param('bypass_hc', '0'); END;