14 Proactive Hardware Services

The Proactive Hardware Services tab is visible to customers with at least one hardware support identifier (SI) in their profile.

Proactive Hardware Services provides Oracle Sun System Analysis (OSSA) reports. These reports identify known issues and risks associated with systems in terms of serviceability, and for mission critical environments. They are designed to improve time to repair, first call completion rates, and avoid some calls altogether by identifying known security, data corruption, availability, interoperability, compatibility, and configuration issues, and by identifying best practice recommendations regarding diagnostic data capture.

There are two different reports available:

  • The Mission Critical Report has two sections, Essentials and Mission Critical. The Essentials section focuses on common serviceability practices and the Mission Critical section covers many issues within multiple categories: Application Specific Patches, Failed Components, Security, Availability, and Data Loss.

  • The ORI Report creates a risk index based on the Sun Alert program, focusing on Security, Availability, and Data Corruption: the higher the index the greater the risk. As the failed rules are remediated, the index drops.