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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Error Messages Reference
11g Release 2 (

Part Number E22506-02
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1 ADF_FACES-00001 to ADF_FACES-60104

2 ADF_TRINID-00001 to ADF_TRINID-30336

3 ADFC-00001 to ADFC-14018

4 ADFDI-00100 to ADFDI-55516

5 ADFF_BIND-00001 to ADFF_BIND-00046

6 BDSS-00000 to BDSS-65160

7 CLONE-27010 to CLONE-28400

8 DVT-02012 to DVT-26021

9 HELP-00001 to HELP-30008

10 JBO-24000 to JBO-80008

11 MDS-00001 to MDS-91023

12 RCS-00001 to RCS-23000

13 TPC-00001 to TPC-90050

14 TPCTEST-00001 to TPCTEST-00002

15 UIX-00001 to UIX-00025