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JD Edwards World Address Book and Electronic Mail Guide
Release A9.3

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24 Set Up State-Province Country Codes for Address Book

This chapter contains the topic:

24.1 Setting Up State-Province Country Codes


From Address Book (G01), enter 29

From Address Book Setup (G0141), choose State-Province Country Codes

Before you can add address book records, you must set up the state/province country codes that you use. The Address Book Revisions program (P01051) validates that the combination of state (or province) and country exists in the State-Province/Country Code file (F0075) when you add a new address book record.

If you set up the same state code for a multiple countries, the system automatically displays the State/Country Window (P0075W) so that you can choose the correct country for the state or province code that you enter for the address book record.

Before You Begin

  • Ensure that the user-defined code table (UDC) for Country Codes (01/CN) is set up.

To set up state-province and country codes

You use the State-Province Country Codes program (P0075) to set up the abbreviation for the state or province for the corresponding country code defined in UDC table 01/CN. The program allows a three-character abbreviation for both state (province) and country codes. The system does not validate the code that you enter for the state.

On State-Province Country Codes

Figure 24-1 State Province Country Codes screen

Description of Figure 24-1 follows
Description of "Figure 24-1 State Province Country Codes screen"

  1. Complete the following fields:

    • State

    • Country

  2. Depending on your country, you might be required to complete the FI (Fiscal Identification) field instead of the State field for reporting purposes

Field Explanation
Sort By Enter 1 to change the display from State/Province and Country to Country and State/Province.
State An abbreviation for the state or province.
Country A code defined in UDC table 01/CN that represents the country.
FI (Fiscal Identification) A number issued by the fiscal authority that some countries use instead of the state or province code.