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JD Edwards World Address Book and Electronic Mail Guide
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16 Print the Socio-Economic Report

This chapter contains the topic:

16.1 Printing the Socio-Economic Report


From Address Book (G01), choose Periodic Processes

From Periodic Processes (G0121), choose Socio-Economic Report

You can review the socio-economic information stored in the Address Book - Diversity Status file (F010514) by printing the Socio-Economic Report (P01435). Processing options allow you to include generic text on the report, as well as produce a totals page of each diversity category that you track.

16.1.1 Socio-Economics Report

Figure 16-1 Socio-Economic Report (1 of 2)

Description of Figure 16-1 follows
Description of "Figure 16-1 Socio-Economic Report (1 of 2)"

Figure 16-2 Socio-Economic Report (2 of 2)

Description of Figure 16-2 follows
Description of "Figure 16-2 Socio-Economic Report (2 of 2)"

16.1.2 Processing Options

See Section 50.7, "Socio-Economic Report (P01435)."