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JD Edwards World General Accounting I Guide
Release A9.3.x

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A Quick Reference

This appendix contains these topics:

A.1 Menus

Menu Description
G09 General Accounting
G0911 Journal Entry, Reports, & Inquiries
G0912 Accounting Reports & Inquiries
G0921 Account Reconciliation
G09211 Bank Statement Processing
G0922 Integrity Reports & Updates
G0923 Allocations
G0924 Periodic & Annual Processes
G09411 Organization & Account Setup
G094111 Advanced Organization Setup
G0941 General Accounting System Setup
G0931 G/L Advanced & Technical Operations
G09311 Batch Journal Entry Processing
G09312 Business Unit Supplemental Data
G09313 52 Period Accounting
G09314 Cash Basis Accounting
G09315 Italian Legal Reports
G09316 Global Updates
G09317 Summarize & Purge Data
G09318 Intercompany Settlement Processing
G09320 Cross Environment Processing
G10 Financial Reports
G1011 Consolidations
G1021 Multi-Site Consolidations
G1041 Financial Reporting Setup
G11 Multi-Currency Processing
G1121 Multi-Currency Monthly Valuation
G1122 Multi-Currency Financial Restatement
G1141 Multi-Currency Setup
G1131 Multi-Currency Advanced Operations
G14 Account Budgeting
G1421 Other Budgeting Methods

A.2 Ledger Types

Ledger Type Description
AA Actual Ledger
AU Actual Units
BA Budget Amounts
BU Budget Units
CA Foreign Currency
CU Foreign Currency Units
XA Alternate Ledger
YA Domestic Origin
ZA Foreign Origin

A.3 Document Types

Document Type Description
% Percent Journal Entry
&& Prior Year Transactions
AE Automatic Entries
AF Adjusting Entries
BF Balance Forward/Summarize
CZ Cash Basis Transactions
JA Budget or Cost Allocation
JE Journal Entries